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There is something that is very important to business owners now more than ever called reputation management. Reputation management is exactly what it says. You are managing your business’s online reputation.

As a business owner, you can scroll through a large variety of online reviews and can find that even one bad review can turn a potential customer off and even worse, damage your business through word of mouth. For example, if a person had a bad experience, they can have a variety of friends also place bad reviews even though they have never been to your business or purchased from you.

As you can see, reputation management is crucial to maintain otherwise, one bad review can start to cause a variety of questions from others about you and your business.

What Are Benefits to Good Reviews

  • SEO ranking – Ranking high in Google and other search engines contribute to better traffic and more business
  • Increased Conversions – with better reviews, people trust you better and therefore traffic converts on a higher rate
  • Better Sales – Better traffic + Better conversions = Better sales

97% of people look at reviews before making a decision on a business
73% of people trust businesses more if they have good reviews over bad ones
85% of people consider an online review as trustworthy as a personal recommendation
49% of people look for a rating of at least 4 stars before choosing a business or service
People look at an average of 7 reviews before making a choice on a business or service

Why Do I Need More Reviews? I Have a Lot of 5 Star Reviews Already

This is great! Having 5 star reviews is something to brag about! However, think about this. If you were a potential customer looking at reviews and see a company that has a bunch of 5 star reviews from 6 months ago and nothing recent, but another company (a competitor) has a bunch of 5 star reviews as well and their reviews are consistent and recent, which company would you choose? I’m sure you’re sitting there reading this with a frown and mumbling “the other company” and you would be right. Most people would choose the other company because of the recent reviews. Also, from the same survey, on average, people consider ratings over 3 months old to no longer be valid.

So does this mean older reviews no longer relevant? No. People will still go through reviews and some may not care about the date as long as the review is somewhat recent while others will care about the review date. However, as previously stated, most people will tend to go with the company that has recent good reviews over the outdated reviews whether they are good or not.

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Do you want all 5 stars??

The short answer is “Not really.” Yes, you want to strive for 100% customer satisfaction rate, but a company that has been in business even only for a few years, will have at least a few unhappy customers. Also, there will be many customers that are happy with your business or service, but would have liked to see something additional or had a very small issue with your product promoting a 4 star review over the 5 star one.

If you were shopping for a business or service and found a company that has been in business for three years and has nothing but a perfect review, what would you think? Most likely, you would think that there was something fishy. No one can have a perfect rating. There is always that unhappy customer!

This is where you get our software and not allow these customers to post online. Instead, they get to vent to you directly!

I Have a Few Bad Ratings That Are Old but Still Display. What Do I Do?

Some bad reviews can be removed, but could be costly. On average, bad review removal costs around $3,000.00 up towards $10,000.00 to get removed. Many of these reviews do not really need to be removed unless they are defaming. Usually, the better approach is to reply to the bad reviews and make it good. This is where Review Admin can help. We provide a simple outlet that you can easily click and reply to try and rectify the issue making your business look better.

We can also help you get more high reviews and deflect the bad ones so that those old bad reviews are buried at the end. This will also make your company look as if you took some of those bad reviews and built off of it, making your business better. This is also where your response can greatly help as described earlier.

Responding to Reviews

Responding to reviews both negative and positive can make a big impact on the way people look at your company. Handling negative reviews are crucial, but when you reply to many of the positive reviews with something as simple as “Thanks for the great review!” can turn people to see that you value everyone’s review, good and bad.

How to handle bad reviews properly? 

If a review is not handled properly, it can persuade others that are reading your response to lose interest and start to ask a variety of questions. However, it IS POSSIBLE to turn a negative review into a positive outcome for your business if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, most people either do not know how to respond properly or just do not respond at all. So…. How do you respond?

How to Handle Bad Reviews

First of all, you ALWAYS want to deal with any bad review. For sake of argument, we are going to consider a bad review, any review that is 3 stars or less. You need to address this customer, through the reply, asking how you can help so that others do not get this type of bad result.


Don’t immediately give compensations as a means of appeasing. This could lead to more negative reviews just so people can get a discount or something for free.

Don’t just respond to the review. Resolve the reviewer’s issue, too!

A response is necessary, but getting down to the root cause should be your main concern. You want to show that you genuinely care for what the problem is and how you are working to fix it. If you do not show this, people tend to think that you may be filled with fluff.

Is It OK To Be On One Review Site Only?

There is nothing wrong with being on only one review site for short term. However, it is better to expand to a variety of the top review sites to cover as many people as possible and help drive traffic to your business. For example, if you are only listed on, let’s say Facebook, how many potential customers are you missing out on either from competitors beating you out with reviews on Google?

Getting reviews on multiple sites does not have to be hard or time consuming and can be accomplished little by little. Get Started now to start building your reviews or click the Free Report button at the top of the page to see where your business or service stands right now!


  • There are many benefits to having many good online reviews for your business or service like search engine ranking
  • Online reviews are a critical part of your business
  • You MUST reply to any and all 3 star or less reviews and is great to reply to ALL reviews
  • Positive reviews can help bring more traffic, more conversions, better sales
  • Having some bad ratings is natural and healthy, but responding is crucial
  • Replying to bad reviews provides you the chance to fix your business or service and make things better for all
  • Review Admin can help you easily manage, track, and reply to online reviews and promote further positive reviews

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