How Can You See What People Are Saying About Your Business Online?

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How can I find out what people are saying about my brand online?

There are a few different ways that you can find out what people are saying about your business in the internet world. I am going to cover a few ways right now. These methods can work for you and seeing what people are saying about your competitors!

Google is Your Friend!

To start, the simplest way to seeing the buzz about your company is by simply Googling it by name. You can what people are saying about your business and find a great wealth of additional information when you simply Google your business name. There are actually a few ways to Google to get further information. Here is what I suggest:

1.     Normal Google search

2.     Google search with BOOLEANS

Normal Google Search

There is not really a whole lot to say here. Everyone knows Google and knows how to search using Google. Just plug in your business name and see what comes up!


Google Search With BOOLEANS

Google has a variety of different ways you can do advanced searching. One of them is with BOOLEANS.

BOOLEANS are a way for Google to narrow down what you are searching for. This is usually done with AND, OR or NOT.

To perform a BOOLEAN search to see what people are saying about your business, you can try a search similar to “My Business Name” AND “My search term.” For example, try “Auto Repair” AND Kansas City AND “reviews” which will then search for only auto repair services with reviews in Kansas City. This can be changed to suite your business. You can also change or add a parameter that includes your business name like “YOUR BUSINESS NAME” AND Kansas City AND reviews.

Please note, if your business is common or is commonly misspelled, you will want to search on those misspellings as well as the true spelling so you get more feedback.

I think that by now, you can see how simple Google searching could be useful in finding out what people are saying about your business!


Searching for different ways to see what people are saying about your business is easy! You just need to use our friend Google and a few different search terms.

Using Google is not the only way to search. There are services that can help you with this too, but by doing some of the up-front legwork can be a great start to finding out what people are saying about your business.

If you have a different method of searching your business, please comment below and help us all out!

Up next is our article on how to be notified when someone says something about your business.

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